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Discover your music milestones, update your artist image, and understand listener trends across iTunes and Apple Music with Apple Music for Artists. Apple is giving up on its second attempt to create something of a social network within its music app. The company has informed artists that. In theory, Apple Music's Connect is a wonderful part of the service: It lets you view and hear new images, videos, songs, playlists, interviews.

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Apple Music Connect is a new feature of Apple Music that allows you as an artists to connect directly with your fans. Through Apple. Apple Music Connect. Embeddable Streaming Players. Search for any song or video on Connect and get a streaming player you can embed on your website. Remember Ping? Back in the days before all-you-can-eat streaming music services, iTunes was king. So Apple built a social media platform.

Apple Music Connect appears to slowly be going the way of iTunes Ping. Apple has started notifying Apple Music artists that it is removing the. Apple Music has notified artists that it will be phasing out its Connect social feed. Artists won't be able to post to Connect anymore effective. Similar to Ping, an iTunes-based social network, Apple has confirmed Apple Music Connect, a rarely used feature, will go the way of the dodo.

Now Apple will have to revise history to show that the service stands only on two legs. As of today, Apple Music Connect is practically shutting. Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select .. On December 13, , Apple announced the discontinuation of Apple Music's Connect feature in favor for their redesigned approach to artist. Apple today announced that its Apple Music Connect social platform for artists is in the process of shutting down, suffering the same fate as.

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One of the features of Apple Music is Connect, a social bridge between artists and fans. Through Apple Music Connect you'll be able to. Apple Music Connect appears as though it's on its way out. Apple has started to notify artists that they will no longer have the ability to post. Apple on Tuesday launched Apple Music, as well as companion services Connect, Beats 1, and Apple Music Radio. Together, the platforms. Apple Music Connect, a feature that lets artists publish posts of their own to give fans and followers a closer look at their work, their inspirations. The Connect feature in Apple Music lets you browse a feed of the artists you follow, and you can even get exclusive content from the artists. How does a family membership for Apple Music work on Sonos? posts from Connect are only available within the Apple Music app and are. In revamping artist listings on Apple Music, the company is removing Connect posts from artists' pages – effectively killing off a major part of. Ignored by artists and fans alike, Apple Music's Connect social feature is being fazed out, three years after a splashy public rollout featuring. There's some prerequisites to connect Apple Music service to Soundiiz. What I have to check? Be sure to have an active Apple Music. Here's how I took control of my Spotify and Apple Music artist profiles. Apple Music Connect is becoming Apple Music for Artists, which is currently in beta.

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