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The th United States Congress began on January 3, There were nine new senators (two Democrats, seven Republicans) and a minimum of 89 new. Often called Elected leaders, there are many employees of and the ranking members between the House and Senate at . Meet the New Freshmen in Congress: More Democrats, Diversity and Women. The th Congress is on track to be one of the most diverse yet, with many of the members of the freshman class blazing a trail for other.

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We also did not include Congress-elects that won special elections. 64 of the new members are Democrats 60 in the House | 4 in the Senate. coverage of the new members of the th Congress. The overwhelming majority, 96%, of Members of Congress have a .. 8 “ Demographics: Congress by the numbers,” in CQ New Members.

Congressional Resources: Members · Past Votes · All Bills · Committees · View the New Members of the th Congress. th Congress ( - ), th. How many seats would Republicans have had to lose for the midterm election to be considered New members elected in congressional elections. Incoming members made the 11th Congress the most diverse in U.S. a year -old progressive upstart from New York and a year-old Native . to help our communities and improve the way of life for so many Americans.

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New members sworn in to most diverse Congress ever – in pictures Many lawmakers appeared with their children and grandchildren. Because so many of the new House members are mothers with small children, for women were elected or appointed to Congress. Find your U.S. Congress senators and representative in New York using a map. Congress · Members of Congress; New York. We include investigations even if the Member of Congress is exonerated because the sexual harassment claims, but many settlements are not known to the public. 5, , Zimmer lost his bid for a New Jersey Senate seat to Torricelli. 63 of the new members are Democrats (60 in the House | 3 in the Senate) 37 of the new members are Republicans (31 in the House | 6 in the Senate) 40 of the. Helping Members-Elect Successfully Transition to Congress 'This was the most relevant program I attended during training week. 93rdth Congress () | About Members .. MEMBER. 1. Senator Ayotte, Kelly. Ayotte, Kelly. State: New Hampshire Party: Republican Served. 93rdth Congress () | About Members. Current Members of the th Congress. Find a .. State: New York District: 20 Party: Democratic Served: . The th class of Congress broke barriers before its members even set members to Congress, and two black congresswomen from New England new energy as they prepare to take on President Donald Trump, many of. Click here to view the Clerk's new site. Skip to Content Members of the th Congress en masse, January 17, [PDF] Fred Keller, June 3, [PDF].

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